Affiliate Rules

By Signing up on Web Affiliate 365 own affiliates, all affiliates comply with the Affiliates Terms and Conditions of PlanetWin365 official affiliate program:


PlanetWin365 requires third party advertising space to promote its Brand and increase its Business, notably via increasing the number of New Depositors, and will, from time to time in cooperation with third parties, negotiate, sign and carry out its affiliate marketing strategy. In the event PlanetWin365 uses a third party for the (partial) roll-out of its affiliate marketing strategy, including contract negotiation, day-to-day management of the Technical Platform, payment processing, marketing or other activities, this irrespective of the legal capacity of the intermediary, whether as agent, subcontractor or other, PlanetWin365 is and remains exclusively responsible for the proper execution of the Agreement.

PlanetWin365 expressly states that the promoting or soliciting of bets is subject to legal restrictions in some countries and may even be prohibited in some cases.  These restrictions may vary from time to time. Thus, the Affiliate acknowledges that - should the promoting or soliciting of bets or the participation in prize games be prohibited under the rules and regulations of its country of domicile or be permissible only under certain preconditions not met - it may not enter into this agreement and shall, consequently, also not be entitled to post the link on its website.   Should any harm or loss whatsoever arise for PlanetWin365 or the Affiliate due to the Affiliate’s disregard of the relevant prohibitions in the country of domicile of the Affiliate, the Affiliate shall be exclusively liable for such disadvantages and shall hold PlanetWin365 harmless and full indemnify it for any such liability incurred by PlanetWin365.

The Affiliate further confirms that it operates the website, where the affiliate link will be placed, under its own name and that it is fully and without restrictions authorized to dispose thereof. The affiliate has to communicate URLs and any other acquisition media used to channel traffic to PlanetWin365. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, each Party shall remain exclusively responsible for all and any expenses (including investment and/or running costs) incurred in respect of the obligations it undertakes in terms of this Agreement and will have no right of recourse against the other Party in respect thereof.

Upon conclusion of the Agreement, a unique player tracking code (often in the form of a URL) is assigned to the Affiliate, and it’s the affiliate sole responsibility to ensure that it’s properly integrated the affiliate campaigns and correctly tracking players.   The preparation of additional advertising material relating to PlanetWin365 is only permissible with PlanetWin365’s consent. Advertising material (of any kind whatsoever) may thus only be used after prior written approval by PlanetWin365.

The Affiliate shall not:

  • Advertise PlanetWin365 in the following Countries: US, UK, France,Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria
  • directly or indirectly offer any person or entity any consideration or incentive (including, without limitation, payment of money or other benefit) for using the Links on the Affiliate Site to access the PlanetWin365 Site (e.g. by implementing any "rewards" program for persons or entities who use the Links on the Affiliate Site to access the PlanetWin365 Site);
  • represent our brand and or any our product in a way that damages the image or dignity of PlanetWin365 and the users of PlanetWin365 services.
  • read, intercept, record, redirect, interpret, or fill in the contents of any electronic form or other materials submitted to PlanetWin365 by any person or entity;
  • in any way modify, redirect, suppress, or substitute the operation of any button, link, or other interactive feature of the PlanetWin365 Site;
  • engage in transactions of any kind on the PlanetWin365 Site on behalf of any third party, or authorise, assist, or encourage any other person or entity to do so;
  • take any action that could reasonably cause any end user confusion as to PlanetWin365 relationship with the Affiliate, or as to the site on which any functions or transactions are occurring;
  • other than providing the Links on the Affiliate Site in accordance with this Agreement and any promotion offered, post or serve any advertisements or promotional content promoting the PlanetWin365 Site;
  • attempt to artificially increase monies payable to the Affiliate by PlanetWin365
  • register more than one Affiliate account with the PlanetWin365 Affiliate program. If any exception is to be made, it must be confirmed in writing by the Head of the Affiliate program.
  • use any form of spam (including search engine spamming or spamdexing) or unsolicited mail in its attempts to refer New Depositors to the PlanetWin365 Site.
  • be under eighteen (18) years of age; and he/she is obliged to provide PlanetWin365 upon simple request at any time a copy of his/her ID and billing address if needed. PlanetWin365 reserves the right at any time to request that the Affiliate or player produce documents to verify his/her identity and/or other facts.  Refusal to do so may be considered, at PlanetWin365 sole discretion, as fraudulent activity that will be subject to all the consequences listed above.
  • fail to keep its website content compliant with any content and phrasing obligations and/or restrictions imposed on PlanetWin365 by third party suppliers
  • the poker provider has forbidden PlanetWin365 Affiliates from marketing PlanetWin365 Poker Loyalty Scheme as anything higher than “35% RakeBack”. This includes affiliates extra contribution on top of the VIP program. 
  • apply for a new affiliate account if they have previously had an account closed due to breach of the PlanetWin365 Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions without disclosing that they previously have had an affiliate account with the program.
  • incentivise, or indicate how, sports betting arbitrage could be used at PlanetWin365 and/or other  betting options that statistically prevent the spirit of the affiliate partnership from being profitable for both parties.
  • promote PlanetWin365 in any way or manner on any social media (such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Google +, Twitter…).
  • purchase or register keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service and which are identical or similar to any of the PlanetWin365 group’s trade marks or variations thereof, or include metatag keywords on the Partner Site which are identical or similar to any of the PlanetWin365 group’s trade marks.

If PlanetWin365 determines, in its sole discretion, that the Affiliate has engaged in any of the foregoing activities, or detects any doubtful betting patterns, suggestive of any unlawful activity, or a breach of any obligation of the Affiliate under this Agreement - including, but not limited to, patterns that suggest that the referred player(s) in question is benefiting from money back or incentives from the Affiliate to compensate for their losses; and/or 50% or in relation to Sportsbook or live casino, more of the total stakes in any monthly period is being bet on a single outcome by all referred players (such as arbitrage, including arbitrage in a team format – where “safe bet” calculations have been given to players by their Affiliate) -, PlanetWin365 shall:

  • have the right to alter the commission structure (notably by carrying negative revenue from a month to another), and/or
  • have the right to withhold payment of any commission due to the Affiliate that has been derived from the purported breach, and/or
  • have the right to terminate the contract immediately, and/or

The bringing into play of one or several of the above measures will be without prejudice to any other rights, remedies, legal actions or compensations available for PlanetWin365 The Affiliate shall at all times comply with the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, and any other related or similar legislation.


The Affiliate in the PlanetWin365 Affiliate Network shall be entitled to receive, on a monthly basis an amount based on a percentage (to be agreed upon between the parties) of the Net Revenue ("Commission").

The Affiliate shall be entitled to receive the Commission exclusively for New Depositors. The Affiliate shall be entitled to receive the Commission for each New Depositor for a lifetime value from the date of the first deposit made by the New Depositors, except in the event of a termination of the Agreement. User with duplicate accounts will not be recognized as new depositors to the affiliates. Affiliates are expected to bring recreational players ie players that are not professional poker players. This is in the interest of protecting the network. Affiliates having an overall winning player base for 2 months in a row will be penalized with a decrease of the affiliate commission of 10% for the second month. Our definition of a winning player base is when the players win more than 10% of the rake produced. Example player base raking Eur 100, Player Base winning 121 Eur = Winning Player base.

Affiliates who do not have at least 5 players active for 2 months in a row will not be entitled to receive accrued commissions and PlanetWin365 reserves the right to terminate the contract of affiliation.

To receive commission based on a percentage of the Net Revenue of their Sub-Affiliate, the Affiliate shall submit the Sub-affiliate to PlanetWin365 affiliate manager for approval. The Affiliate is individually responsible for submitting their Sub-Affiliate and cannot claim revenue from a Sub-Affiliate not registered as stated above nor can the Affiliate claim a commission on a new Affiliate account created by an Affiliate who simultaneously has another Affiliate account or has made contact already with the PlanetWin365 Affiliate program. The Affiliate shall ensure that the Sub-affiliate complies with these terms and conditions by making it aware of them before it enters into any arrangement with the Affiliate in relation to this agreement. The Affiliate undertakes not to use a fictitious name or alias when registering a Sub-Affiliate and is not allowed to register himself as a Sub-Affiliate. The Affiliate is entitled to receive 10% of his Sub-Affiliate’s commission.
PlanetWin365 will not recognize more than 2 sub affiliates levels.

At the sole discretion of PlanetWin365 may, choose to deal with Sub-Affiliate account fraud, i.e. failure to comply with the forgoing rules by:
  • merging duplicated accounts and/or
  • apply the original reward plan to the players from the secondary Affiliate account and/or
  • sever the link between the master Affiliate & Sub-Affiliate and/or
  • terminate the Affiliate agreement for either affiliate.
  • PlanetWin365 reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the Affiliate did not generate any click on the Links for three consecutive months.
  • PlanetWin365 reserves the right to reduce the Affiliate’s commission if the Affiliate substantially reduces its efforts to promote PlanetWin365.

The Management reserves the right to change the commissional plan for bets considered "anomalies" by the sport risk department. If a bet is considered an anomaly, the commission on this bet will be paid at 2% of the turnover. The decision taken is final and cannot be appealed. The criteria used to define a bet an anomaly include but are not limited to: amount of the bet, frequency of betting, numbers of players referred and bets places by them during the month.

Intellectual Property

Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute any license, assignment, transfer or any other right to any Intellectual Property Rights, including, without limitation, patents, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, copyrights, database rights, rights in designs, inventions and Confidential Information, etc. which arise in result of entering into or the performance of this Agreement.

All Intellectual Property Rights created and/or deriving out of this Agreement, including, without limitation, banners, advertising material, contents, the Database, including contents and personal data, shall be or become the sole property of PlanetWin365, and Affiliate shall have absolutely no rights therein.

PlanetWin365 grants the Affiliate a non-exclusive and worldwide right to display the PlanetWin365 Brand features and related content (the "Unibet Content") during the Term solely for the purposes of the display of the Links by the Affiliate on the Affiliate Site as set out in this Agreement and in accordance with PlanetWin365 guidelines as may be provided to the Affiliate from time to time. All intellectual property rights and any goodwill arising in the Links and in all betting products, associated systems and software relating to the services provided by PlanetWin365 to its New Depositors from time to time shall remain the property of PlanetWin365. The Affiliate is not permitted to use the PlanetWin365 Content in any way that is detrimental to PlanetWin365 or the reputation or goodwill of PlanetWin365. The Affiliate is not permitted to alter or modify in any way the PlanetWin365 Content without the express prior written consent of PlanetWin365.

In particular, unless prior written approval, the Affiliate may not purchase or register domains names which are identical or similar to any of PlanetWin365 trademarks or otherwise include the word " PlanetWin365" or variations which are identical or confusingly similar to any of PlanetWin365 trademarks.

The Affiliate agrees that the Affiliate Site shall not resemble in any way the appearance and/or the general impression of the PlanetWin365 Site, nor will the Affiliate create the impression that the Affiliate Site is the PlanetWin365 Site (or any part thereof). Termination

PlanetWin365 may unilaterally terminate this Agreement on delivery of two weeks' prior written notice to the other party, and without giving any reason therefore.

The parties shall have no further obligations or rights under this Agreement after the end of the Term

This agreement does not supersede PlanetWin365 main Terms and Condition for its services and it’s to be interpreted as an addendum regulating the web affiliates code of practice.